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Niel Smithson

(Mostly The Boss)

I'm Niel Smithson, and this good looking chap is what I (think I) looked like a few years ago...handsome wasn't I?

Over the years I've done a few things, but I've been involved with PC's and printers for a very long time...

I'm trained by Epson, Canon, HP, Encad, Kodak and quite a few other people, I've been working on commercial and domestic printers in and around Hull for around 20 years now.

It's fair to say there's a small circle of people that have experience of the sign, plastics and print industry going back as far as I do...and I'm really proud that I'm often still the one that those guys call when there's a problem.

I'd really like you to support us, we're a long established business, built on family values and trust. The shop may not have been here very long, but you've likely seen us before, we've been at Walton Street (where we were the first computer and ink traders) and at Skirlington Market (where we were the biggest computer and ink traders!).

I'm supported in the shop by my wife Tina and at home by cats...lots of cats...well 3 anyway!




These days I spend my time mostly looking after the shop, we fix PC's and printers right here, we've built a lot of knowledge, but most importantly a fantastic network of experts in and around the industry we can call if we ever get stuck. Most of all, we've built a really solid reputation when it comes to Sublimation Printers and all the associated support equipment, you'll find more information in the sublimation section, but we think it's fair to say we are probably the only company outside London we=ho have the depth and breadth of experience we do.

I hope you'll find that our prices are reasonable, our services professional, and that next time you need anything, you give us a call, or pop into the shop. We stock quite literally hundreds of items, we can't guarantee to have everything, but we'll do our level best to find what you want and have it as soon as possible.


What People Say About Hull Inks

  • Niels been servicing and supplying and fixing and everything for my printers for so long now I forgot where we met...the thing is, I keep coming back, his prices are keen, his service spot on, and, most importantly, he knows what he is doing...

    Tony Ward Top Colour

  • I've been using Niels services for years, he supplies things, he repairs things, and he knows what he's doing...which is more than I do when it comes to printers...if it wasn't for him, the CD's we produce wouldn't get out there, we quite simply rely on him...

    Lee Templeman (DJ Tiny), Presenter/Producer, Hull Kingston Radio / Funktion / Garbos

  • Top Bloke, thats all there is to say really...I screw it up, he fixes it, it runs out, he supplies it, I break it, he replaces it...

    Tim Cook Hull

What We Supply

Not All Of What we Do, but most of it...


We supply ink and toners for most commercial and domestic printers from and for almost all the major names.

Of course, we stock a huge range of genuine and compatible inks and toners, we were one of the first suppliers of high quality compatible inks in the country, unlike almost all other suppliers, our supplies of compatible ink and toners are the same specification as the original ink or toner manufacturers. We guarantee that our compatibles will work and will not damage your printer.

Chances are we stock it, but, if we don't we have priority accounts with almost all the suppliers, enabling us to get you particular requirements in stock usually within 24 hours.

So all we need is your printer type, a model number and if you can an old cartridge or toner. Bring them in, email us or call us and we'll do what we can to supply Europe wide.


We repair "stuff", printers, PC's, tablets, games consoles, phones, loads of stuff, give us a call, we'll tell you usually on the spot if we can fix it...

We've years of experience working with printers and PC's and all the bits that go inside them. We stock a massive range of bits and pieces and what's more, we have some pretty amazing prices too...we're factory trained by many of the original equipment manufacturers, indeed we even pre-date some of the modern requirements to work on some kit we've been at it that long.

What's more you'll find us friendly, approachable and honest...we deal with sensitive files and photos on a regular basis, we guarantee that we have no need to "look through" your private data in order to do our job.

We happily replace or format hard drives, DVD writers, RAM, video cards, monitors, speakers, sound cards, in fact, you name it, we've probably done it...


We have enough general stock to sink a small battleship, the list isn't quite endless but we have...

  • Ink (of course!)
  • Toner
  • Paper
  • Blank CD's
  • Blank DVD's
  • Blank Blu-Ray's
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • Phone Cases
  • Tablet Cases
  • Headphones
  • Microphones
  • USB sticks
  • Memory
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Monitors
  • Speakers
  • Hard Drives
  • Rice Paper
  • Photographic Paper
  • Cables
  • Chargers
  • Network "kit"
  • Wi-Fi "kit"
  • Removable Storage
  • Batteries
  • CD/DVD/BluRay Cases
  • Webcams
  • fact, you name it, we probably have it, and if we don't we can get it!


Sublimation this is the most difficult bit...I'll get around to it...

Not Done yet

Not Done yet


About us:

We're Hull Inks, a specialist supplier of Inks and Sublimation Supplies...we have HUGE stocks of inks & toners, and we're probably the only supplier outside of London to have the experience we do and the kit we do when it comes to sublimation products and printers...

Over the years we've built up a solid reputation of supplying the very best kit, our Ebay store has notched up several thousand sales and we're a trusted seller...

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